Wanderlust and Roots

Burlieve In Burlington (And Fall Festival Season)

Burlington is a city that I have memories attached to from a very young age. Shoe shopping at the corner shoe store, eating lunch at the luncheonette attached to the 5 and 10, visiting my grandmother at work, the list could go on. As time will often do to a city, there was a period of …… Stores shuttered and there wasn’t much in terms of economic earnings. In recent years, however, Burlington has earned some much-deserved revitalization. There are restaurants popping up, a new coffee shop, and an art museum.

One thing that has not changed throughout the year has been the Woodstreet Fair. Held annually in September, Woodstreet Fair is the kickoff to fall festival season. Crafters and vendors gather year after year on the tree-lined street. Historical …. House is open for tours and you can stroll through St. Mary’s Cemetery.
New this year was another festival, Riverfest. Held later in the afternoon more vendors were set up along the Delaware River. Henna, food and coffee from local shops, and an area farm were all set up to celebrate all this little town has to offer.
I love fall festivals. Strolling through the streets finding unique goods with a nip in the air really makes my soul happy.
What is on your list of must-do adventures this fall? And leave a comment sharing how you’ll be adding some adventure to your weekend!
Lastly, Burlieve in Burlington is a slogan one of the local restaurants has adopted. I think it’s a great little phrase for this little town that has seen so much change!

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