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The Witches Ball

With a chill in the air….

No, just kidding. There was definitely no chill in the air on the Saturday night I attended my very first Witches Ball. As the streets of Mill Race Village in Mount Holly, New Jersey shut down, they filled with demons and ghosts and of course, witches.
Under the watchful eye of Mona, the head witch, the eclectic shops stayed open late and vendors set up under the moonlight. I love the small, locally owned shops and art studios here but that’s a post for another day.
This was the Ball’s 16th year and it’s no wonder it has been selected as one of Burlington County’s Best for three years running. There is something for everyone: A costume contest, Halloween decoration contest, investigators and historical societies to get your fill of experiences with spirits, tarot card readers, tours of the haunted jail in town, and plenty of booooooze for the adults.


The Witches Ball was a perfect way to kick off the Halloween season and to bring some adult fun to a holiday that is often thought of as one for the kids. I know I’m already planning my costume for next year.
To find out more information, be sure to visit The Witches Ball website.

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