Wanderlust and Roots

Wanderlust and Roots

Somehow summer has raced by and while I wish I could tell you that I’ve spent the past months filling my time with travel and adventures in unfamiliar places, I have not.

No, my summer was spent as it is spent for many an adult with a full-time job and responsibilities: Doing the 9-5 grind, trying to find time to work out, eat well, and not zone out in front of the television the second I get home at night.
However, I also did lots of what I like to call Wanderlust and Roots. 
Wanderlust and Roots is something I’ve coined (actually, I’m not sure I’ve coined anything but I’ve never heard anyone else talking about it so we’ll just pretend I did indeed coin this term) that helps fill my sense of wanderlust and adventure without having to travel too far.
Wanderlust and Roots is finding a new part of town to explore, getting out and hiking a newer or tougher trail, dining at a restaurant I’ve only just heard of. And while trying something new is so important in embracing your wanderlust and roots and appeasing your sense of adventure, it’s not necessary. Sometimes it’s just as nice to revisit your old favorites and do the things you know will always leave you filled with joy as your close your eyes at night.
wanderlust and roots-2.jpg
How do you plan on embracing your Wanderlust and Roots?

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