Adventures & Aperture

I’m a dreamer.

At 31 years old, I still dream of what I want to be when I grow up.

One of those dreams is to open a coffee shop in an old pharmacy across the street from my house. I’ll call it The Coffee Apothecary and it will be amazing.

Another one of those dreams is to become a travel photographer.

I love traveling. I love photography.

Luckily (and thanks to modern technology) I don’t have to wait for a break to be able to make this dream a reality. And because of this notion, Adventures and Aperture was born. This is my travel photography blog. A place for me to share my passions of travel, photography, and even writing. I’m a big fan of travel blogs and travel sites but I’ve noticed that so many of the faces behind these sites are digital nomads or have quit their jobs to travel the world. That is not what you’ll find here. I work full time and am quite the homebody for someone who has the urge to see the world.

So what will you find on Adventures & Aperture?

You’ll find stories of my travels, of course. And my photographs. I’ll share how I cure my wanderlust blues when I can’t hit the road, tracks, or air. I’m a firm believer in always being a tourist in your hometown and I’ll take you along on those trips too. There will be coffee, wine, and pictures aplenty. This space will be filled with anything involving traveling, exploring, and adventure. Oh, and some more photographs.

I hope to bring about a sense of community and would love to learn more about your travels. Have an idea of where I should head next? Let me know! I also want you to share anything that will inspire our sense of adventure. Use the hashtag #adventuresandaperture on social media so that I can follow along with you.

Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and see what I’m planning next on Pinterest.

Let’s take this trip together.


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